Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

The following terms and conditions keep the status of a legal agreement between Vivid Support and you and it is obligatory for the users of this website to know about them and keep in consideration the prohibited and non-prohibited actions, while using this website. The terms used below, refer to the conditions necessary for any user to obey, while getting help from us through this website. The conditions will be applicable after you click “AGREE” or “I ACCEPT” button and you can not deviate from the rules and regulations being set in this document.

These terms and conditions keep their unique importance for the interaction that you make with our website through a computer connection or some other source. We recommend that you should read these terms and conditions carefully as these contain all the information necessary for you to know prior using this website. These terms and conditions are regarding the use of this website, for how long these will keep their effect, our right to change any condition, fee for early termination, limitations of liability etc. If you accept our terms and services then it will apply on all the plans, which are in your use.

If due to some reason you disagree with our terms and conditions and don’t want our services then you should click cancel for the given option and your amount, if paid will be returned within 30 days (excluding shipping, handling charges and taxes applicable within any or for a particular state). The plea for right of refunding will remain valid till 30 days and after that Vivid Support will not be responsible of a refund termination.

Suppose you have bought any subscription service and you want to cancel that subscription service then we will refund you the entire amount that you had paid us (excluding shipping, handling charges and applicable paid taxes within any or for a particular state). In this case, rest assured that your amount will be returned to you at the earliest possibility.


Here we have defined certain terms about which it is better for you to know. The more comprehensively you know about these terms, the more it will better for you to understand the whole document of terms and conditions.


Things like software, material and services are referred to as the content of the website.


“You” means you by yourself or the person on the behalf of which you are using this website.

Vivid Support:

All references of vivid support will refer to the core website of Vivid support or any particular division of it.

Vivid Support technical coordinator(s):

The technical coordinators of vivid support are referred to as certified and technically sound technical workers, which Vivid Support refer to you.


The term “services” refer to all such services those you render from us through any source that is given on the website. The source can be any like contacting us through the e-mail address given on the website or phone no given on the website. Our services will bring a source of satisfaction for you.

The website of Vivid Support:

The website of Vivid Support refer to “thevividsupport.com” or any other website owned, operated, licensed or controlled by the service of Vivid Support.


Materials refers to any web searching area, download area, white paper, press releases, datasheets, FAQs, product information, quick reference guide or other works of any kind that are made available to download from the website of vivid support. The materials do not include the design or layout of the website.


Software refers to a computer program of any kind, owned by the Vivid support or some other company but provided by the Vivid support doesn’t matter through which medium. Elements of the software are protected under the copyright restrictions and no matter what happens, the copyrights of elements of software should not be violated. Your agreement of use will be done after final approval from you.

Submission of order:

You may contact Vivid Support at any time, through its portal for submitting the information of your problem. You can use our e-mailing address for this purpose. After getting your order, we immediately start working to get a solution of your problem. Vivid Support initially tries to diagnose and get the solution of your problem through a phone call, a chat or through an e-mail. If the problem persists then we send our representative at your place for the removal of problem faced by you.


The Vivid Support will try to resolve, all the technical issues and problems of its clients, while keeping in view that the solution of problem should be economical and reasonable for its clients. Mostly we try to give a solution of the problems of our clients by using telephone, e-mail or through chat.

Service charges:

The service charges have to be paid after taking required service from the Vivid Support. The charges will be of the plan that you are taking from the Vivid Support. We have tried to make such plans, which best suit to your requirements and will be economical for you as well. The plans of service charges are being made such that the charges should be in perfect accordance with the taken services. 

Service cancellation policy:

If you choose to cancel your support service, you will need to contact our billing department for a refund. Please be advised that service and cancellation fees do apply. If we cannot resolve your initial issue, then you will receive the appropriate reimbursement from our billing department. For incident based plans, you will be eligible for refund when any of the following criterions are met: You have all the prerequisites which were required to resolve the problem and issue was not resolved by any Vivid Support technician. 15 days have not passed after the issue was last resolved by a Vivid Support technician. If your subscription plan included any software or firewall update, the price of the software and firewall update not be refunded in case of cancellation of service.

Expiration of membership:

Your plan of service is valid till the whole duration of the plan, which is pre-defined in the plan. You will be re-billed instantly after the completion of duration of your plan. It will thoroughly be on your wish that for how long, you want to continue with us. We just request you to inform us at least 15 days before the cancellation of any service plan.


The services referred to those efforts, which the technical team of Vivid Support makes for you. The services can be provided through a chat on phone or it can be provided by developing an internet remote connection between the user and technical coordinator or the services can be provided through an e-mail also. Doesn’t matter that which form our technical coordinators will adopt for providing you with the service, they make sure that they provide you the service, which best suit to your need and requirement. With time, we try our best to improve the level of our service but it doesn’t mean that we will let our previous standards down in an effort to improve the previous ones. We believe in continuous improvement but have set such standards for present, which fulfill the demanding requirements of our clients.

Tools and remote access:

During the fixing process of your problem, our technical team coordinators may ask you to install some specific software on your computer. This they would demand because without the installing of that software, it will be impossible for them to fix the troublesome area. For the adjustment of troubling area, they may demand access of your computer and will remain connected with you remotely, till the ending of your trouble. An internet remote connection is very necessary for the fixing of faults and the users have to make sure that they give us the access of their computer for the fixing of residual problems. This is among the big conditions, which we want that our clients fulfill for the resolution of every problem that they face. If they will restrict us in providing the necessary access of their computers, then our technical coordinators will find a lot of trouble in getting their problems, fixed. Hence, we thoroughly appreciate if you right away, let access your computer, remotely. It has been elaborately defined in the privacy policy of the Vivid Support that up to which extent we get access of inside of your computer.

Economically Adequate Service:

The vivid support will try its best to provide you the most appropriate service, while taking care of economical aspect of it. This service will be in accordance of your requirement and will be relatively cheap for you as well. If our technical coordinators fail to fix your problem then you will not be responsible of paying anything to our technical team, doesn’t matter that how much time they would have spent for the removal of your trouble. During the period of providing the service, our technical team may determine that whether your requirement is in the scope of our service or not. If your requirement will be out of the scope of our service then we will not only pre-inform you but also help you in finding a more suitable resource for addressing your need. Vivid Support reserves the right to cancel your account at any moment because of any reason encountered during the operation or before starting the proceeding.

Availability of Service:

It may happen that the service provided by us, may not be available at any particular moment. It can happen due to many reasons among which the non-availability of internet service is a major reason of delay in the service. There can be some other reasons as well, like failure in our own system and it stop working for some time. At the moment of service, you have to make sure that your computer is free from any kind of virus activity. Otherwise, first you have to purchase the service for the removal of virus activity in your computer. The virus activity restricts our technical coordinators to make sufficient changes in your computer, necessary for your computer to work properly.

The Vivid Support reserves the right of terminating your account, if it finds that your account is being used by some unauthorized person and that unauthorized person is using your account without our prior permission. In case of cancellation of your account, the vivid support will pay the remaining amount of the service, initially being purchased by you.

Necessary Responsibilities:

This will be your responsibility that your account is only being used by you. You will not give the authority of use of your account to any other person because it is the rule of the Vivid Support that one account will only be used by one person. If the Vivid support will find that your account is being used by some other person as well then we will immediately terminate your account. In case of termination of your account like this, the Vivid Support will not be liable of returning any amount to you. One aspect can be acceptable that if you will inform us prior the use of your account by some other person. At that moment the Vivid Support will decide whether it can allow the other person to use your account for a particular duration or not. The Vivid Support may or may not allow the use of one account by two persons depending on some outstanding circumstances.

Service Charges:

After getting the service from us, you will be required to pay against the service provided by us. In case of one time service, you will be required to pay us right after getting the service and in case of subscription for six months or more; your charges will be pre-paid. For the payment of service charges, you will be required to set a method of payment with the Vivid Support and then you will pay all of your charges through that method. Our most preferable method of transferring of money is by getting it through credit cards.

Billing through Credit Cards:

You will be required to provide us with a credit card no through which the transaction of money will take place. You will authorize us that at the time of getting the service charges, we can collect the amount from the credit card which is due on you. You authorize us that we can get any due amount from your credit card, which is the service charge against the service provided by us.