Privacy Policy

The Vivid Support collects information from the visitors, when the visitors fill any form on our site. There are some other ways also, which inform us about the visit of any person on our website. This information is really necessary for us to keep a proper data about the visitors and visits on our website. This helps us in numerous ways to improve the quality and efficiency of our service. The data collection about the visitors of our website, make possible for us to predict our future as well as make our services better. The privacy of your data keeps a lot of importance for us and we make every possible arrangement for keeping this data secure and private. Following points remain in our consideration, while developing a privacy policy for you.

1- What and in which form we gather information
2- What measures, we should have to take for making your data more and more secure
3- What are the possible outcomes of keeping the data secure and un-authorized approach
4- Benefits, those you can get by making your personal data available to us

In case of any contradictory view or opinion about the privacy policy of the Vivid Support, you can readily inform the management team of our company about your concern.

Information about the data that we collect:

Information about yourself:

We specifically collect that data, which gives general information about a person like name, email address, phone no, zip code etc and not that data, which is very private for you like social security no, e-mail passwords or driver license no. We also collect that information, which reaches us through servers like information about your browser, your IP address and pages those you requested. Like many other websites, we use “cookies” as well to get some extra information about the browser or connection that you are using to access our website. For improving your experience of using our website, we keep you informed about the developments happening at our end on regular basis. We convey this information mostly by sending e-mails to our clients and remember that it is not a one-way communication process. We would like you to send us your feedbacks, opinions or suggestions also through the e-mail that we will provide to you for sending us feedback. You will always have the option to not provide us with any information that you don’t want.

Information about payment procedure:

There have to be a way, which could be used for the transaction of amounts from both of the sides. You pay us against our services provided to you and you may ask for a refund, if you are dissatisfied with the service provided to you. Generally, we use the method of credit cards for the payment from either side. Thus, we are required with the details of your credit card and some other necessary information for the safe and clear transaction of amounts from both sides. The involvement of a third party (bank) is necessary in the process of transaction of money from any of the side. But we only provide that much information to third party, which is very necessary for them and without which they can’t proceed. Information related to your PC and network:
For fixing the problems of your computer, we may require quite much different kind of information like when your computer was being purchased, what was the original warranty of this computer, identification number belong to your computer and somewhat similar data. For the removal of faults, our technical coordinators have to develop a remote connection between their systems and your computer. In this case, you may allow giving access of your inner portions of computer and we may collect some data related to program files of some software, installed on computer. We will never collect any data, which is quite personal to you and have
been stored in the partitions of your hard disk. We use trusted tools and gadgets, while accessing your computer and for the development of a virtual link between your and our system. These trusted tools and gadgets ensure that none of your personal data can be accessed by any unauthorized person.

Benefit of data:

The Vivid Support use the data provided by you to help in better understanding of your needs and for providing a better solution of your problems. If speak more specifically then all of the data transfer to us by you is used in completing our services for you. Like repairing your problem, completion of a transaction, fulfillment of services and promotional offers, to communicate back to you, to update you on service and benefits, to personalize our services for you, information about our new subscriptions and plans. The numbers given on payment cards are used only for the transactions of any due amount from you.

Use of the provided e-mail address: 

The Vivid support does not sell or provide your e-mail address at any cost to any third party person. We only use your e-mail address to keep you informed about the latest developments happening around at our end. In this way, we can develop a two way communication system or a mutual communication system with our visitors. This will not only help in getting more and more information about each other but it helps in developing more durable and fruitful relations between the Vivid Support and its visitors. Besides, we keep you informed about your service status through e-mails.

Related Links:

The site owned by the Vivid Support contains links of many other websites also and the Vivid Support will not take responsibility of misuse of any linked sites with the site of the Vivid Support. For the proper use of the related linked sites, one should have to thoroughly study their privacy policies, prior to their use.


We encourage our users to provide us with their worthy feedbacks after get benefitted from our services. In this way, we will not only come to know about the quality of our service but the feedbacks will be served as testimonials to be displayed on our website.
The proper feedbacks against our service will help us to come to know more about the level of your satisfaction and it will help improve our service.

Information Security:

We make sure that all of the information provided by you remains very secure at our servers and we make every possible arrangement of keeping your data away from unauthorized access. For confirming the security we regularly test threats against any possible security breaks and make sure by testing security through several ways that no unauthorized access takes place.

Retention of information:

The Vivid Support keeps the record and information of any of its visitors as long as they remain the users of any service offered by this company. We make sure that the visitors can find their personal information readily available, when it is required.

Legal disclaimer:

We do possess of showing your personal information as required by the law and when we believe that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights and to comply a judicial proceeding, court order, or legal process served on our web site.

Change Information:

If we make a change on our website then we pre-inform this information on our website and in case of a major change on our website, we inform it through an e-mail notification.